Manage clinic with ease from the comfort of a web browser

  • myClinic is a web-based clinic management system
  • Target users : Individual GP clinics.
  • Containing modules to cater with most of typical GP clinic daily operations
  • Facilitates in clinic management to allow doctors to focus more on their patients' diagnosis and treatment process.

Minimum System Requirement

  • A computer with web browsing capability.
  • Internet connection.


  • Patient Registration and Management
    • Find out a patient's eligibility for treatment and the extent of that eligibility by referencing a central database
  • Patient Medication History
    • Retrieve patient's past medication history and diagnosis
  • Itemised Billing
    • Determine what are the various organisations that will pay the patient's bills
  • Panel Guide
    • Store new patient records in a remote database to prevent disaster in the event of a local calamity
  • Bill Modification
    • Electronically store MC records for viewing by GP and Payors
  • Reporting
    • Preparation of Invoices is made easier by being electronically facilitated